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January 8 2012

I finally went shopping today for groceries. But I felt like a slow, dumb American. I’m pretty sure I bought whole milk and I bought hand soap instead of lotion. I’ll learn. And you have to pay for plastic shopping bags, and bag everything yourself. So the people behind me were paying and bagging and leaving before I could finish bagging my stuff. Ugh! Oh well, I’ll get used to it.

On the 6th, Jill and I gallivanted around Florence taking pictures of everything. We looked up through the tall buildings trying to find tall towers that we could follow, hoping we would find pretty cool churches and things we’ve read about in our art history books. And god forbid we ever get lost, we just look for the big Dome of the Florence Cathedral above the buildings and we could normally get our bearings. We realized the streets are narrow and very uneven as they are made of cobblestone. There is a great mix of pizzarias, cafes, nice restaurants, and convenience stores that line the streets, and gelato shops are conveniently placed…. everywhere!


Yesterday was Epiphany here in Italy. It’s a large celebration of when the angel came to Mary to announcing that she would have a child. There were parades and carolers and flag throwers that all ended up at the Duomo at different parts of the day. It was really exciting!

We also went on a formal tour of Florence with SACI to view all of the major monuments… again. But honestly you just can’t get enough. We don’t have this stuff in the states. Here are just a few places we visited…

Dante’s House

The David (replica)

 Santa Croci, where Michaelangelo is burried

And of course the Duomo (which I will make a separate post about)

Anna and I went to Jill’s later and she made hourderves and I brought wine.  Then we went to a nearby Irish Pub where most people spoke English and they had T-shirts of all of the American Universities on the ceiling. I met a guy who lived in Kearney Nebraska, where my dad went to school!

Then we went to a club called Twice but we weren’t there long. We went to bed around 4:30am and slept til 4pm this afternoon, such a waste! But we probably all needed it. Class starts tomorrow. Also I finally met all of my roommates and I really like them a lot. Everyone is so different but we all get along well.

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